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  • Do you often run out of money before the bills are paid?
  • Do you ignore bank and credit card statements?
  • Are you not sure how much money you regularly spend?
  • Does money seem to burn a hole in your pocket?
  • Do you spend money on others but rarely on yourself?
  • Or do you like to treat yourself with things you can’t really afford?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, Worthy Group Coaching is for you! This 10-week live, online course is designed to remove your blinders around money … dissolve your resistance … and dig deep to get at what’s below the surface. Put a stop to the excuses you use to avoid creating the life you really want!

I want you to stop for a second. Think about how you feel right now. I want you to remember this feeling and remember the moment you clicked that button and your life changed forever.


Why you need to attend Worthy Group Coaching…

Your relationship with money does not need to be so complicated, and it does not have to be a constant source of anxiety. How can I be so sure? Because I’ve lived it. I’ve walked through a lot of dysfunction around money and come out on the other side. And I’ve helped many others resolve crippling money issues as well.

In Worthy Group Coaching, I walk you through the steps I used to resolve my financial issues … and those of many others … so you can benefit from the ease, abundance and freedom you deserve.


What Can I Expect?

In just ten weeks, you’ll discover the real key to financial ease. It’s not about changing what you do or how you invest … it’s about changing your limiting beliefs. You’ll do just that with Worthy Group Coaching, which includes:

  • 10 Ninety-minute live, interactive calls with ME

    Calls for each of the 10 Worthy Coaching steps, filled with exercises, sharing and personalized laser-coaching.

  • Worthy Coaching Workbook

    A tool to help you create commitment, accountability, and possibility.

  • Private Facebook Group

    A fiercely supportive, safe space where miracles flourish!

  • Additional Tools

    To take on your life’s journey of self-worth and abundance.


WORTHY Coaching calls will be held on the following Thursdays at 10am PT / 11am MT / 12pm CT / 1pm ET:

  • [September 28] Step One: Take Off the Blinders
  • [October 5] Step Two: Admit Who Holds the Purse Strings
  • [October 12] Step Three: Take Inventory of Your Beliefs
  • [October 19] Break: This is an integration week. This week gives you time to implement the work you have been doing through each step… or to catch up if you are behind in the process. Take this time to immerse yourself in the integration.
  • [October 26] Step Four: Tally The Cost of Your Excuses
  • [November 2] Step Five: Uncover Your Underlying Commitments
  • [November 9] Step Six: Become Willing to Be Worthy
  • [November 16] Step Seven: Take Back Your Financial Power
  • [November 23] Break: This is an integration week. This week gives you time to implement the work you have been doing through each step… or to catch up if you are behind in the process. Take this time to immerse yourself in the integration.
  • [November 30] Step Eight: Make One Powerful Financial Decision
  • [December 7] Step Nine: Uncover Your Desires – Financial and Otherwise
  • [December 14] Step Ten: Get Ready to Do The Impossible!
  • [December 21] Bonus Call!

Nancy reserves the right to make small changes to call dates, with prior notice, should her travel schedule unexpectedly shift.


Nancy Levin


I’m so much more alive and in touch with who I am and what I want. I am recognizing lots of opportunities to set appropriate boundaries. I’m moving forward one step at a time towards a future that I once thought was only reserved for fairy-tale endings. And I started a business and am getting paid for it! Woo hoo! I never would have imagined that a new business would be a result of our Worthy Coaching, and I am so excited about it!


I was vacillating on the amount of money to ask my boss for in a raise. Nancy coached me to the place I felt aligned and worthy. I was able to confidently ask for and receive a $30,000 raise!!! I’m soooo incredibly grateful for Nancy and her coaching process. I KNOW I am Worthy.


Worthy Coaching was an investment in myself that will be paid forward tenfold, giving me a more enriched life. It has had a profound effect by allowing me to recognize and step into my power, create the life I want and become who I desire to be.


Here’s what I did as a result of my Worthy Coaching: I called companies to get money credited back to me that I did not owe. Reconciled my accounts. Paid off higher credit cards. Put all my accounts in my name only so that I would know the exact amount in each account and be able to transfer and manage them myself. Stopped giving away and discounting my services.


I can honestly say that Nancy Levin’s Worthy Coaching was the best ‘spiritual business decision’ I ever made! Parts of me that were spiritually dormant for years were awakened, and finances that I once feared looking at were faced. Once they were exposed, there was no turning back to the person I was pre-Worthy Coaching. This coaching changed me on a cellular level and cemented in me a deep knowing that I can accomplish anything. I’ve found a self-love quite like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. I know my boundaries. I know the difference between rescuing or people pleasing and offering help or support. I’ve learned clear self-nourishing practices to remind myself I’m worth taking an extra five minutes for. I’ve learned to say no and be okay with it. Worthy Coaching is gold. Each session opens up new beliefs and practices to keep myself grounded, alive, adventurous, and worthy of the greatest life I can create. I am eternally grateful.


When I signed up for Worthy Coaching I was at the lowest point financially I had ever been. I owed more debt than ever and was constantly beating myself up for getting in that spot. So, taking a financial jump and paying for the group seemed counterintuitive. I must say that it is definitely the best money I have spent in probably forever! I can honestly say that I am feeling better and better all the time. With Worthy Coaching I finally was able to see my worth. How could I have not seen it before? How come I just figured my husband would always be the one to make good money? Why didn’t I value my talents enough to do something with them that could make me money? It’s been a few months now since the Worthy Coaching ended and I’ve literally been on a roll. I got a website going, blog regularly, started classes in my community and am getting good response. If I can make the turn-around and stay with it anyone can!


Ready to boost your net worth?

Secure your spot in the next group now!


Secure Your Spot Now!

When you sign up for my Worthy Group Coaching, you get over 16 hours of live coaching with me, a 10-step workbook and awesome bonuses, including access to a Private Group Coaching Facebook Group. It’s a fostering, supportive and safe place for you to grow, learn and transform. You also get a proven process that has helped hundreds of other Worthy Warriors get off the self-help treadmill, claim a newfound sense of worthiness and the courage to listen and move with the energy of action.

You get all of this for only $795.

With limited space available, the door is closing on this unique opportunity. Reserve your spot in my Worthy Coaching Group today, and get started on your journey to the life of financial freedom you desire.

I’ve also added a special BONUS CALL at the end of our time together!!! It’s a 60-minute session where you can ask me whatever it is you need to know to continue with confidence on your Worthy journey!

Worthy Coaching Group – Investment options

I understand that I’m investing a single payment of $795 or 2 payments of $412.50/month over 2 months* with the first payment due at checkout

* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.

Coaching is first and foremost a commitment you make to yourself, to move from where you are now to where you want to be. I am here to guide you and hold you accountable to aligning your truth and desires with action.

Resistance happens. I would not be honoring my own process, or yours, if I didn’t address resistance.

Honor your resistance and if you find yourself struggling please email support@nancylevin.com so that we can serve you through this process and provide you with some support.

Coaching commitments are final when your agreement is signed, the first session begins, content is delivered,  and/or after 48 hours of purchase (whichever comes first). If for any reason you determine this coaching commitment is not for you within this time frame, you may cancel in writing for a full refund by reaching out to support@nancylevin.com. Once the first session begins, 48 hours have passed, your agreement is signed, and/or content has been delivered, you are fully committed to your evolution and this transformational experience.

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