what clients are saying…

jump coaching

Nancy’s coaching helped me realize that I have a place in the world and it’s ok for me to take up space, and own that space.

The combination of Nancy’s supportive, caring Coaching Calls, the Jump process she leads us through in each call and via her easy-to-read book, along with the supportive facebook private group community, makes this a unique Coaching package that enables you to identify limiting patterns and old beliefs, focus on what you really want to achieve, and gives you the courage to make that jump, beginning inch-by-inch and culminating in an expectant and exhilarating leap. This coaching can be applied to all aspects of your life, and the process repeated over and over until you’re living the life you want. I would recommend this to anyone who feels stuck, frustrated, yet ready to make that leap of faith into a better, happier and healthier you. Nancy’s transparency during the calls, and her candidness in her book, shows that the process works, and that she was once where we were, and has changed her life by changing her thoughts, putting in the work, and making that jump over and over, and we can too!

Nancy is offering a great gift to the world with her coaching. She not only exudes warmth and compassion, but also powerful depth and intuition.

Nancy’s coaching ability is phenomenal. I have done a great deal of emotional and spiritual work in my lifetime but never have I moved so swiftly through my blocks and seen such clear and defined results. What a blessing to have crossed paths with the very compassionate and insightful Nancy Levin!

The loving inspired guidance. A place where I can trust and be vulnerable and transparent. Nancy’s guidance comes up in my mind at different situations. I carry her support with me. Nancy is the Queen of permission and allowing. No limits. I feel approval for asking and expecting my needs to be met. That is huge for me. The facebook community is awesome. It is always there!!! always supportive. I also have the opportunity to share and be generous with love and support too. It is reciprocal. A safe place to land.

worthy coaching

“As a result of the Worthy coaching group my business has grown, I have more confidence in the work I am doing, I have more communication about money with my spouse. I have a heightened awareness of my own patterns and programs and have come to really understand that worthiness is an internal job and does not come from anything outside of me.”
––Barb Klein

“Prior to Worthy Coaching, I thought the only way to feel freedom was to be financially free. During the coaching, I realized it’s up to me to create that feeling of freedom regardless of my bank account. I learned that my net worth equated to how I felt mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically – where I used to think of it only in terms of finances. Since the first class, my whole life and schedule has changed. I’m now homeschooling my daughter; I’m reconnected with my partner; I sleep in more; I rest more; I have a lot more creative energy; I’m working on my business; I’m taking time to heal my body from a physical trauma; I have all the time I need to do whatever I need. THIS is freedom, and it came without paying off my house, which is what I used to tie “freedom” to. Though it’s still a goal to be financially free, I feel more able to accomplish it because I’m living life on my terms. This coaching module is fabulous and Nancy is genious! I’m a rich woman!”
––Christine Gipple

“Nancy’s experience and insight guided me through the steps that changed not only my bank accounts, but also my attitude about what I deserve.”
––Barb Ridener, PhD

“You are “worth” this investment!”
––Christy Zuk

what hay house radio listeners are saying…

Thanks for taking my call today on Hay House radio. Your guideance has propelled me into creating the life that I want for sure! I am excited to start my new journey. Thank you again for being on the air today right when I needed to be re-directed in my thinking and perception.  I feel truly blessed!—M.O.