Self-Care That Doesn’t Cost a Cent

Time alone is medicine

I’ve just had my most perfect morning. Woke early. Meditated. Read my dear Dani Shapiro’s new magnificent memoir Hourglass: Time, Memory, Marriage in its entirety. Cried. Highlighted. Cried. Highlighted. Cried. All while my phone was still in Airplane Mode from last night.

I’m not one who looks forward to things. But this morning, I have been looking forward to ever since I realized I’d be home alone with Hourglass only a few days after its release.

I have the rest of the day to myself. Heaven. My system does not recharge when it needs to be relational. Time alone today is medicine for my heart and my soul.
 I barely wanted to turn the wifi back on, but needed to write my newsletter…

 As they say, nothing pours from an empty pitcher. We have to fill our own pitchers first. Otherwise, we are only doing and giving out of obligation—not from our true desire—and that can inevitably lead to resentment.

I want to invite you to love yourself more. Through loving yourself, your capacity to love others actually increases. How do you love yourself more? Simply think of someone you love with all your heart, and imagine what it would be like to turn that love back toward yourself. Can you do it? If not, practice until you can take all of that love into your heart. You deserve it. I mean it. Remember: You don’t have to be perfect. No one is—not even that person you love so dearly, even if that person is a child.

Open your heart to the belief that you deserve. Open your ability to receive. Increase your “having- ness” level. Begin to imagine what it would be like to receive more. Notice your resistance. Give love to any parts of you that feel you don’t deserve. Why not you? Allow yourself to receive a little bit … and a little bit more … continuing to build on your ability to accept wonderful things into your life.

Now while you’re in this space of receiving I want you to think about some ways that you can replenish and rejuvenate yourself this week!

Here are some ideas:

  1. Go for a long walk on your own
  2. Take a hot bath with a privacy sign on the door
  3. Go to the park and people watch
  4. Play and snuggle with your pet
  5. Start a creative project…just for fun
  6. Turn on some music and dance
  7. Download a free guided meditation…and then listen to it
  8. Take a nap
  9. Spend time with a loved one whose companionship nourishes you
  10. Hang out in your garden
  11. Write or draw or color
  12. Have sex…with someone else, or yourself
  13. Binge-watch your favorite show
  14. Unplug! No phone or computer for a few hours, or even a whole day
  15. Read a book
  16. Laugh — listen to or watch your favorite comedy
  17. Meditate or pray
  18. Stay in your jammies all day

 And now over to you! What’s your self-care that doesn’t cost a cent? Let me know right here!

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