mindfulness…is a request

Loving in Disconnection


is a request
to retire auto-pilot
to invite inquiry around
what’s truly alive
inside in each moment
allowing attention to
swell and land
igniting authentic movement

i still find it
so confronting to listen
closely for my desire
as it rises
still so easy for it
to be blocked out by
what someone else needs

we who are used to
abandoning ourselves
for the sake of another
or avoiding feeling
by any sort of
it takes longer to listen
to the voice reminding us
that it’s only when we finally
honor all parts of ourselves
with permission to attend to
our fullness
that we will be available
for mindful union

i know we all want
to be heard seen felt met
yet in conflict
may we remember
that staying in connection
is more important
than being right

i believe
loving in disconnection
is truly the most sacred practice

and all the time
i am certain
that self-love
is at the root
nourishing my heart
to meet yours

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  1. Jacqueline
    Jacqueline says:

    It is so easy when I am not actively practicing mindfulness, to sublimate what I feel, to ignore what I need. The feeling deep down rooted in the belief system programmed into me that I must justify my presence in another person’s life.

    (I wrote this with you & ours, instead of I, then realized I was removing myself yet again. I self-corrected.)

    Nancy, your contribution to my well-being and life is priceless. I discovered you through Wayne Dyer and I’m forever grateful to him especially when things are a bit much I re-listen to your Hay House audios & YouTube videos. I thank Wayne everytime I see a butterfly.

    I am signing up for the free Master class & free coaching call.

    Again, thank you.


    • nancy
      nancy says:

      thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your resonance and memories of wayne. i look forward to having you on the free coaching call and master class! ❤️


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