Kick Worry to the Curb

Living in approval of yourself

Is your first thought upon waking, “What do I need to worry about today?” Are you constantly scanning for what needs your attention—in a negative way?

I used to wake up every morning and the first thought in my head was, “What do I need to worry about today?” And then a list of other-focused and other-referenced activities and fears would begin to rattle off.

Now, I wake up and ask, “What’s the most loving act I can take for myself today?” And I do it. Great self-care and living in approval of myself is the antidote to worry. And it leads to a solid sense of self-worth, because here’s the deal: Worthiness is an inside job.

How do we take stock of our worthiness quotient? First and foremost, we start to notice when we’re judging ourselves. One of the easiest ways to tell if your self-worth could use a tune-up is by paying attention to how you talk to yourself. Do you get very upset when you make a mistake? Do you say, “Damn! I’m such an idiot!” Do you tell yourself that you aren’t smart enough, aren’t good enough, aren’t capable? Do you compare yourself to others and make up stories about how you don’t measure up?

Sometimes, that voice of judgment is so automatic that we don’t actually “hear” it, but we sure do feel it. The excuses come next. “Oh, I can’t join that class. It’s stupid.” “I can’t take that job. It’s too far away. What a commute that would be!” Underneath those excuses is the longing for the very thing we’re pushing away. And we push it away because we’re afraid we aren’t good enough.

Whenever we don’t feel good enough, we invoke worry.

Allowing yourself to worry is giving unnecessary airtime to negative thoughts about yourself.

Worry lives in the past and future, and it prevents you from living in the present.

Flip the script by taking charge of your worry. Name it and write down the most loving action you can take for yourself today. And if what you’re worrying about is beyond your control, why let it take up precious real estate in your head and your heart?

Remember, action alleviates anxiety!

The bottom line is you need to take care of yourself in order to kick worry to the curb. And if you’re anything like I used to be, you’ve been abandoning yourself for far too long.

So stop it!

Start living in the present and kick that worry to the curb.

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