private coaching programs

  • Breakthrough Shadow Coaching (12 sessions) will guide you in exploring, exposing, and transforming the limitations that exist outside of your conscious awareness so that you can achieve your goals and live into your vision.
  • Jump Coaching (12 sessions) will serve you in making lasting change by acknowledging where you are, determining where you want to be and what you want to create in your life.  You then move through the steps leading up to your Jump…and beyond.
  • Healing Your Heart Coaching (12 sessions) will support you in making peace with your past relationships – intimate, family, work, etc. – so you can propel yourself into an extraordinary future.
  • Worthy Coaching  (12 sessions) will guide you below the surface of the excuses you use to avoid creating the life you really want. At the heart, money issues are really issues of self-worth – in other words, your self-worth determines your net worth. When you see yourself as worthy of abundance in all forms, you’ll be ready to achieve your “impossible” dreams.
  • I’m also happy to craft a Custom Coaching Package for you, tailored to your specific needs and desires.

All sessions are 60 minutes via Phone or Skype audio.

I’d love to schedule a conversation with you! Please click here to request an appointment with me and we’ll explore the possibilities!

Breakthrough Shadow Coaching             Heal Your Heart Coaching

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