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Are You Ready to Think Differently?

think differentlyThis past weekend I had the honor of speaking at Hay House’s Writer’s Workshop in Chicago along with Mike Dooley, Reid Tracy and Kelly Notaras. The event was incredible, and if you know you have a book in you I highly recommend joining us for one. Why not take advantage of the opportunity to submit a book proposal to Hay House and win a publishing package!!! If you are interested, all the details are right here:

And then, on Monday morning, when I woke up to catch my flight home, it was snowing in Chicago. Actually, a pretty epic storm was blanketing the midwest.

I had a non-stop flight to Aspen where I’ve been spending the winter. As the snow kept falling, the flight delay kept extending due to the in-bound aircraft unable to take off from South Bend, Indiana. Once it was going on 3 hours I decided to see about changing flights and making a connection through Denver – just to get out, since the weather in Colorado was crystal clear. I got that all sorted and arrived at my new gate just a few minutes later.

We boarded the plane a little bit late and then sat and sat and sat on the tarmac. After finally de-icing we got on our way and I realized that it was highly unlikely I’d make my connection. When we landed in Denver, I got off the plane as fast as I could and ran to the gate only to find the doors closed, boarding complete. Even though the plane was still sitting there I couldn’t get on.

I know from all my years of traveling that it does absolutely no good to get into a tizzy over it. I must admit though that I was still jetlagged from my trip to London last week and fighting a sore throat trying to turn into a full blown cold and I just wanted to get home…so I immediately burst into tears.

And, it didn’t help that I was obsessively tracking that non-stop flight I’d originally been on. It ended up departing three and a half hours late and with my missed my connection, it would actually land in Aspen before I did!

And this is when the voices started to kick in. “Why did you change your flight?” “You should have just stayed on the flight you were on, you would have gotten home sooner without a stupid connection.” “Why did you start messing with everything? You should have just left everything as it was!”

The voices that make us doubt and second-guess ourselves, the voices that tell us we better make the right choice and decision, the voices that make us think we should know the outcome before jumping.

Every day I work with clients to dissolve limiting beliefs, to release story and drama, to neutralize these voices.

Every day I am reminded that the more compassionate and self-loving I can be, the sweeter the outcome.

Each week, on my radio show, I aim to help listeners believe in a different future.

It was time to take a spoonful of my own medicine and, as my dear Debbie Ford would say, resign as General Manager of The Universe.

Then I pulled myself together, got some tea and decided to make the most of the hour and a half layover. I made a few calls I needed to, sent some emails and spent the time reframing my attitude before flying home.

Thankfully, United had rebooked me on the next flight – with an Upgrade to first class even!

When we start to think differently, when we learn to neutralize these voices, we open up to new possibilities and the outside world begins to change, allowing us to imagine a dramatically new future. Join me tomorrow on Hay House Radio as I share how we can set the stage for freedom, by first making it real in our imagination. Listen HereI am live on the air at 9 AM MT/ 11 AM ET and you can call in with your questions and get some coaching!

Are You Ready to Shift Your Life?


I’m writing this on my flight back from London, which proved to be a pivotal experience for me.

Rarely in our lives do we find ourselves in the real-time of experiencing a moment of true transformation. And having the honor of speaking at Hay House UK’s ignite conference was one of those moments.

As most of you reading this know, up until last August I had been the Event Director at Hay House for 12 years. In fact, I co-created this ‘Ignite’ concept and conference in response to Louise’s desire to reach a younger audience so they could begin doing their inner work earlier and potentially avoid a mid-life crisis. My dear dear friend Patty, VP of Editorial at Hay House, and I set out to assemble and curate the next wave of authors and teachers, and in 2012 I produced and spoke at the first ‘Ignite’ conference in the States.

While sitting in my hotel room on Saturday morning, just a few hours before taking the stage, I was contemplating all that was in my heart to share. I burst into tears.

Reading through my notes and reflecting on my thoughts landed inside in me as a massive life-review. I had been to London many times before but always accompanying, organizing and supporting others. To be there this time, on my own, to be the one delivering my message with my first one-hour keynote ever…well, surreal doesn’t begin to express the feeling.

I shared this all transparently with the audience and let them know, as my story surely revealed, that all these self-empowerment books and events – and everything under the Hay House roof, really – I’m living proof that this shit works!MAR

The next time you find yourself in one of those real-time transformational moments, I encourage you to stop… and allow it all to soak in. Stop… and realize how far you have come. Stop… and notice how it feels. Stop… and acknowledge the steps that brought you to where you now stand.

This could be a moment like that for you…when your whole life shifts… are you ready?

Let’s find out together… allow me to coach you through your own inner work and into your very own real-time transformational moment.

Join me on one of my free coaching calls… see if this is your moment to be part of my next coaching group jumping into true transformation.

Join me on my weekly Hay House Radio show Jump Start Your Life – Thursdays at 8 am pt/11 am et. On tomorrow’s show I’ll be sharing my own personal journey of transition and change…and I want to hear from you to support you in making the shift!




immersing and emerging

immersing and emergingimmersing and emerging

i watch her swim
away from fear
toward a sea
free from restraint

she does not look up
or around
only within
breathing in and out
immersing and emerging

criticism crawls
out of her body
as she glides
into a confident sheath
peace ignites her core

for the first time
she understands awareness
by being seemingly unaware

standing now she rises
her flesh propelled by
bone muscle tendon
blood is rushing her
heart awake

all love begins
with self-love
once you know
you are the root
of your own suffering
choose to disengage
from the periphery

harness and recognize
the strength inside
to magnetize

breath is the private mantra
guiding prayer

follow your feet knees hips
belly heart hands
be willing to lose your balance
surrender to what matters most
and dive into the unknown

Name Your Desires First…And Don’t Worry About The Logistics

This week in my coaching group based on the material in my next book (more on that to come!), we’re working with desire. Last night we discussed how critical it is to name the “what” of our dreams and desires, without worrying about the “how.”

And now, as I get ready to launch my new Hay House Radio Show possibility swirls around me. I have great gratitude for finally overcoming my blinding Type-A-ness, recovering from being a rigidly organized, care-taking, over-achieving, multi-tasking, detail-oriented, time-managing workaholic so that I could begin to entertain fantasy instead of solely focusing on implementation and execution.

I used to only contemplate what needed to be done and how I would be doing it. Cut and dry. Dreaming, wishing, hoping, wanting seemed a luxury, and such a waste of valuable ‘doing’ time. I just couldn’t see the value in pure fancy vs. the real world.

And even though I have heard Wayne Dyer quote the English visionary poet William Blake hundreds of times: “What is now proved was once only imagined,” I somehow still didn’t get that imagining is actually the first and most important step to creating reality.

Nancy Levin Sit in the possibility...without the logisticsAnd then I did.

I imagined my own life changing, and then telling my story of making that change in a way that would help others make their own Jumps into the lives they imagines for themselves.

I imagined sharing myself through publishing books and speaking around the world, and getting to meet and support others on the brink of transition and transformation.

I named my desire to leave my day job, pay off my mortgage, find love again and feel free.

I named my desire to create a coaching process around Jumping, to work with others to feel worthy of naming their truth and desires as they take action and Jump into a new life.

And then, I imagined sharing my experience and process of change, transition and transformation and connecting with like-minded souls over the airwaves at Hay House Radio!

No logistics, just pure possibility.

I started to wonder: “What if – instead of always working, doing, making and performing – the only thing standing between this moment and my greatest me is the willingness to name my desires without worrying about the logistics. What if…?”

And now, I have some answers to the “what if”.

As so many things unfold, as I prepare to share my story this month at Ignite in London and The Writer’s Workshop in Chicago… as I launch Jump Start Your Life! With Nancy Levin on Hay House Radio (Thursdays at 9 AM MT beginning March 19th!)… as I host two more complimentary Jump! Coaching calls tomorrow (March 5th)… and unveil my freshened up website, I am reminded of the necessity of of diving head first into my desire if I ever want to allow, embody and offer the full expression of myself.

How about you? Are YOU ready to move past the fear that’s kept you stuck so you can open the portal to possibility and merge your desires with reality?

I hope you’ll hop on one of my complimentary calls tomorrow so we can talk about it! You can join me for free right here.


Feeling More Juicy and Alive at 50 Than Ever Before

As you read this – on my actual 50th birthday – I’ll have already been swept away by my beau to an undisclosed location for a surprise getaway celebration.

Surprises and I haven’t always been friends – the Type A-Producer-Control Freak-With-A-Strong-Need-To-Know in me used to have a really hard time chucking my routine to go with the flow and trust.

For the past year, since my last birthday in fact, I’ve been in a pretty deep inquiry about my own wants, needs and desires that has informed the conscious changes I’ve made. As a result, I’m consistently making choices now that are in service of creating and living the life that honors my priorities.

About a month ago I decided to clear this entire week on my calendar in order to rightfully honor this milestone birthday by allowing myself to say yes! to whatever arises in the moment. It started yesterday with a full-on powder day greeting me upon waking, and I was free to spend the day playing on the mountain, groovin’ on my new skis, lunching in the sun, bopping around après ski happy hours – and it was a Monday!

Goddesses Never AgeSo, knowing that I was taking the week off, my man requested Tuesday through Thursday, no questions asked. I don’t even know what to pack, but already in my bag is my new bible, Goddesses Never Age. This brilliant and groundbreaking book by my friend Dr. Christiane Northrup just launched yesterday – luckily I’ve got connections at Hay House and was able to get my hands on it a little early – and now you can get your own copy, right here.

Have I mentioned that my guy is 9 years younger than I am and that I need all the “never aging” that I can get?!

Thankfully, this book is a goldmine of wisdom and mojo that already has me feeling more juicy and alive at 50 than ever before.

As I set out on another lap around the sun, I am reminded that that there’s no day like today. The future starts now. The choices we make in the present moment predict and determine our future.

The gift I am giving myself is to ask each day, “What is one thing I can do today in service of living the life that honors my deepest dreams and desires?”

I invite you to join me in this inquiry, commitment and action. Ask yourself, “What is one thing I can do today in service of living the life that honors my deepest dreams and desires?”– and share HERE, I want to support you!


Create the Life You Have Always Desired

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Debbie Ford’s passing.Debbie Ford Nancy Levin

Two years have gone by already. It’s hard to believe.

I can’t really wrap my brain around her not being here anymore physically. She’s still in my “favorites” and “vip” lists on my iPhone. I still have our thread of text messages saved. There are days I’m utterly enraged that I can’t call her to laugh, cry, share an insight, report a breakthrough. I wear pieces of clothing that were hers, some she gave me, and others I retrieved after she was gone. Even washed, they all still carry her scent and I often lose myself in memory

How can the woman who was one of the most pivotal forces in my life – the very catalyst to me unconcealing my truth and living it – be gone.

And then, inside my heart I feel it. Her legacy and the invaluable gift she gave those of us who carry it.

Five years ago, on February 25, 2010 – my 45th birthday – I flew into her arms for an immersive weekend in her renowned Shadow Process. We had worked together and been friends for years, but when I revealed to her that my world was crumbling she immediately insisted on me being at the workshop as a participant, not producer. She also insisted that I stay with her to make the experience even more powerful. Julie, her assistant at that time, picked me up at the airport on that sunny San Diego day and we met Debbie for lunch. And later that night, after a birthday dinner – complete with cake, candles and a wish – standing on the steps in Debbie’s living room, I uttered the word divorce for the first time as it related to me.

While she led 112 of us through The Shadow Process, she secretly devoted herself to me. And even though I was sleeping at her house, we ritualistically upheld all the rules of the weekend together and only spoke when we were in session or processing my personal experience in the car on the way to or from the venue.

I spent the rest of that year bouncing between Debbie’s house, Cheryl Richardson’s house and my sister’s as I untangled my marriage, dealt with my divorce, and dreamed of life on my own terms.

It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be who I am or doing the work in the world I am today if it weren’t for Debbie Ford. Her steadfast attention on me challenged me to cultivate courage, invite risk and embrace change for all the right reasons. Thanks to her, I was supported, loved and even pushed from time to time throughout my jump.

Debbie’s commitment to me inspired my commitment to be of service to you. She lives on in me, coaching me as I coach others.

As I write this, I’m enveloped in my favorite grey sweater of Debbie’s, with the yahrzeit candle burning beside me. Only, it’s actually one of those Mexican Guardian Angel candles since I couldn’t find a traditional Jewish yahrzeit candle at the grocery store yesterday. I know Debbie would understand – and get a kick out of it even – after all, she really is my Guardian Angel.

“Your life will be transformed when you make peace with your shadow. The caterpillar will become a breathtakingly beautiful butterfly. You will no longer have to pretend to be someone you’re not. You will no longer have to prove you’re good enough. When you embrace your shadow you will no longer have to life in fear. Find the gifts of your shadow and you will finally revel in all the glory of your true self. Then you will have the freedom to create the life you have always desired.”
― Debbie Ford

Today and every day I honor my beloved friend and mentor as her spirit soars and guides me still. Part of honoring her is sharing her legacy and the invaluable gift she gave those of us who carry it with others, which I do in part through my coaching. I am sharing that legacy through two complimentary coaching calls tomorrow, Thursday, February 19th (and future dates, as well). If you are interested in experiencing a little of Debbie Ford’s legacy right here with me, I invite you to join us and learn what it means to embrace your shadow and make your very own Jump! into your true self.

Happiness Is An Inside Job

Choosing HappinessToday my friend and bestselling publisher Linda Joy released Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness featuring the soul-inspiring stories of 27 amazing women who share their intimate stories of transformation. For a limited time you can get over 40 transformational gifts with your copy of Choosing Happiness. Grab your copy today

I’m excited to be a Happiness Crusader and joining over 100 women in spreading the message of #ChoosingHappiness to women around the world.

This past weekend I had the two best ski days of my entire life. I tackled harder terrain than ever – and had a blast doing it. Over the top extraordinary. Up until Saturday I’d been trying to love skiing for all the wrong reasons ­– to make someone else happy. But these two days turned everything around. I finally got it. I finally got what everyone was jonesing about. And I was skiing for me!

On Saturday morning my man dropped me off at Aspen Highlands bright and early for my clinic. I got second chair all to myself as soon as the lift opened. It was a crystal clear sunny blue sky day and I was the only person on my first run the whole way down. I met T-Bone, my instructor, and the seven others in my group and then we headed up to Highlands Bowl – an 800 ft vertical hike topping out at 12,392 ft. opening up to steep powdery double black diamond bumps all the way down. Woah. I had never done anything like this before. The hike was no problem for me but the mega-expert terrain was another story. Grateful for the excellent instruction T-Bone patiently provided, I soon found myself euphorically ripping down through the bumps and trees.

And then on Sunday I went out and did it again, only it was a little different. For the first time in my life, at 49 years old, I drove to a ski area on my own. It might sound silly, but I wanted it bad enough to go after it myself. Another spectacular day in up in the Bowl.

On Monday, after two pretty epic days I was content to rest but rallied to get out on the mountain with my man. In the middle of the first run I fell and had a “yard sale” – skis and poles everywhere. And I tweaked my knee. F#%K. Two killer days of finally seeing the light, loving skiing and hungry for more…and then this?! Really?! Ugh!

I hobbled over to where he had been waiting a while for me. We sat until I felt stable enough to get down to the ski shop we’d been aiming for…did I mention that this was the big day I was finally throwing down to buy myself the new skis I’d been coveting!

And then we took the bus home for minimal excess impact on my knee.

So I’m sitting here writing this on the couch, elevating and icing my knee, while it’s snowing outside for the first time in days, with my brand new Blizzard Black Pearl purple skis leaning up against the window and instead of being bummed and mad, I’m choosing happiness.

Because here’s the deal. Happiness is an inside job.

Sometimes I have to choose happiness when it seems counterintuitive.

Sometimes I have to choose happiness when I’d rather blame someone else.

Sometimes I have to choose happiness by buying myself the brand new skis I’ve been coveting, even after I fell on the way to the store!

Sometimes I have to choose happiness watching all the skiers out my window even though I’m still in my jammies with my knee elevated and iced writing a blog on choosing happiness when I could easily choose to be bummed or mad.

Everyday I choose happiness by allowing my heart to overflow with gratitude for the life I choose to live and the way I choose to serve.

I’d love to hear how you choose happiness and invite you to share in the comments below.

And remember to check out Linda’s new book, Inspiration for a Woman’s Soul: Choosing Happiness. You can grab your copy today at and receive the bonus gift bundle worth thousands!

Earning Fifty and Really Owning It

This past Sunday night I attended a community gathering in Boulder, that I’ve frequented in the past, to practice a group process. During the first “round” there were five of us and I found myself seated between two bright beautiful young women in their early 20’s.

Oh wait, have I mentioned that I’m turning 50 later this month?

And that I’ve been having a lot of feelings about it?

Earning Fifty and Really Owning ItSix weeks ago I uncontrollably sobbed my way through my niece’s Bat Mitzvah, deeply present to the fact that she has her whole life ahead of her still, while most of mine is behind me now. And since then I’ve been living the wonder of how to be with all that I feel around aging as it impacts my time, love, work, play, purpose, commitment, calling, legacy… and I have to admit I’ve had fluctuating moments of up and down. I can feel the freedom of 50 with its “I don’t give a f***” yet I also notice the undeniable physicality of gray hair and gravity. And, after a conversation last week with my dear 88-year old friend Louise Hay (who has recently declared her name change to Louise “Play” from now on!), I was desiring a full reframe view of 50 replete with all its bells and whistles.

Enter these two young women I mentioned earlier. For a significant part of the 45-minute practice, I held their hands. As we transparently talked and listened, I felt profound compassion for my younger self. Through our sharing, I noticed – in real time – the visceral loading-in of acceptance and surrender that comes with earning my 50, really owning it and all that it offers now.

This knowing, at the heart of my power center, is what propels me in service of us.

Precisely what I’d been longing for without any idea of how to “make” it happen and I couldn’t have arrived here without their reflection, the most sacred gift we can give one another.

And it’s the gift I’m offering you. I invite you to join one of my upcoming Jump! Coaching Groups so that you too can experience the inner work necessary to propel you off your next precipice into flight and freedom. All in the safety of a supportive, intimate community devoted to sharing, reflecting and expanding along the journey.

And if you’re not quite ready to Jump! into a group yet, I’m making myself available to you on a complimentary coaching call – there are 7 to choose from and you can pick the one that’s best for you  right here.

mindfulness…is a request

mindfullness mindfulness…is a request
by nancy levin

is a request
to retire auto-pilot
to invite inquiry around
what’s truly alive
inside in each moment
allowing attention to
swell and land
igniting authentic movement

i still find it
so confronting to listen
closely for my desire
as it rises
still so easy for it
to be blocked out by
what someone else needs

we who are used to
abandoning ourselves
for the sake of another
or avoiding feeling
by any sort of
it takes longer to listen
to the voice reminding us
that it’s only when we finally
honor all parts of ourselves
with permission to attend to
our fullness
that we will be available
for mindful union

i know we all want
to be heard seen felt met
yet in conflict
may we remember
that staying in connection
is more important
than being right
i believe
loving in disconnection
is truly the most sacred practice

and all the time
i am certain
that self-love
is at the root
nourishing my heart
to meet yours

My Week of Embracing NEW

My Week of Embracing NewThis week I’m jumping into all sorts of new experiences, including: ski clinics, workshopping material for my next book, and dance lessons!

In the past, fear of the unknown used to shut me down. Hell, let me be honest here. Fear of not knowing, being out of my comfort zone and out of control and having to learn something new is what shut me down. As my skate ski instructor said to me yesterday, “Oh, I get you! You want to just know how to do this without having to learn.”


And when I told him it was hard, he said, “Hey, Life Coach, is that what you tell your clients when the going gets tough?”


Amidst my frustration, I had been seen by him…and I had to laugh at myself!

I immediately thought of Steps 4 and 10 in the Jump! Coaching process: Make One Different Choice and Say Yes…And Then Say It Again…And Again

I had to remind myself that I’m about due for another massive reframe.

Time to really let go of needing to do it right in order to have fun.

Time to truly remember the freedom in not knowing and not having to be an expert.

Time to seriously enjoy the journey.

Today, as I embrace new, I know that joy is a choice.

It’s up to me and only me.

I am the only obstacle to my joy.

Here’s my mantra this week: It’s more important to have fun than to do it right or be good at it.

And today I had a breakthrough out there. I skate skied around the entire track! It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. With a smile.

Oh wow, I can hardly wait to report back after my first dance class! ;)

As I continue to release myself from the ways I still hold myself back and embrace new, I love nothing more than supporting others to do the same. While my private, one-to-one coaching has a wait list, I’m beginning to fill me my next two Jump! Coaching Groups beginning in April!

If you’re still not sure that my Jump! Coaching process is right for you, I’m offering you a spot on a complimentary call to test the waters.  There are seven (yes, 7!!) complimentary coaching calls to choose from. Jump! in and join me so you can make the choices that create desired changes in your life! Click here to register for a free call.