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Amazing News for “Jump … And Your Life Will Appear”

OMG!!! It’s a dream come true and I want to share my exciting news with you…

I’m a Hay House author now! :) 


Last month, I self-published my new book Jump … And Your Life Will Appear
with Balboa Press–and much to my surprise it became an Amazon bestseller and, after only being out for a few short weeks, Hay House made me a deal to acquire it  and TODAY it’s re-releasing from Hay House! (See the Hay House logo at the bottom of the book spine!!!) Order your copy on Amazon now!

This is such an honor and I’m so grateful for Hay House’s full support in partnering with me on my platform to help others through the experience of my own personal transformation.

I know that many of you have already jumped on the bandwagon, but for those of you still wanting to make changes in your life–but feel something is holding you back; if your soul is asking you to take a leap–but you’re too afraid to take it; if you’re ready for something new–but aren’t sure where to start, I wrote Jump … And Your Life Will Appear just for you!

How perfectly apropos that yesterday on the first night of Passover, and the eve of my book re-release, my father showed me this email message he received from Rabbi Hahn right before our Seder: “Passover’s name in Hebrew, Pesach, comes from a root which more correctly means “to leap” or “jump.” In this sense, I have heard it taught, Pesach is the Nike holiday par excellence: “Just do it!” Pesach is an opportunity to make a sudden shift in your life, to change yourself dramatically. Such is the holiday’s power: to see something to change and just make it so.”

Whether you want to switch careers, move to a different part of the world, set boundaries with someone in your life, or increase your capacity for self-love, Jump … And Your Life Will Appear will support you with a practical path from start to finish.

With this in mind, I invite you to think of one way in which you would like to change your life–and let’s do this!

P.S. Are you ready to jump? I’d love to help! Grab your copy on Amazon nowand if you want additional support, click now … and your coach will appear!

Click and Your Coach Will Appear

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Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence

“We are all stronger than we can ever imag­ine being. Every choice matters starting with today. And today, I choose to live.” —Debbie Ford, COURAGE 

Two weekends ago, at Hay House’s I Can Do It! conference in Denver, I had the thrilling honor and opportunity to offer my first workshop on my new book, Jump … And Your Life Will Appear.

If you’ve followed my journey, you know that I’ve been the Event Director at Hay House for nearly thirteen years. And while I give Keynotes at our conferences and teach during our Writer’s Workshops, this was different.

As I stepped onto the stage, I could feel myself crossing a new threshold.

Looking out at the room full of eager participants, I said: “Before I begin, I just need to take a moment here. Transformation is happening right now, in real time. These are the experiences that we usually let pass us by, and I want to be present to it and soak it in.”

Then together, we shared smiles and deep exhales of gratitude.

That liminal time – the space between no longer and not yet – so often we want to rush it and just get where we’re going next. But then when we get there, even in the glory, we wonder where the time went and feel the absence of what came before.

Debbie Ford Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence

What if we could stay present and cherish what’s here now. This fertile time where everything that has happened is digesting and alchemizing and reorganizing us on the inside in preparation for what’s to come.

What if you had the courage to be the midwife of your own new life.

My courage was fed by the close friends and mentors who supported me in reclaiming myself. In particular my dear Debbie Ford, and the paperback of her final most powerful book, Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence, is now available.

Click here for Courage: Igniting Self-Confidence on

And as you journey toward stepping into the light with courage and confidence, please don’t let “now” pass you by!

Tell me, what moment will you claim for yourself today?

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The Writer’s Workshop ~ San Francisco

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My First Communion

How is it that at 48 years old – and Jewish! – I received my first communion from a spiritual rockstar, you may ask?

Well, it all started when I heard Nadia Bolz-Weber’s OnBeing interview. Who knew that the heavily tattooed, ex-addict and stand-up comic turned dynamic, compelling Lutheran Pastor of Denver’s House for All Sinners and Saints would so quickly get under my skin.

After listening, I immediately consumed the unedited video of this interview.

Next, I downloaded and devoured the audio of Nadia’s recently released book Pastrix: The Cranky, Beautiful Faith of a Sinner & Saint.

Everything building to the pièce de résistance when I found myself sitting in church last Sunday. From the moment we walked in we instantly felt welcome, part of the community. And there I was, weeping throughout the sermon, relishing the full-on four-part a cappella harmony while – to be honest – trying not to look too much like a fangirl…a Jewish tourist in the foreign land of Christ.

But uh oh, out of nowhere – cuz remember, I’m Jewish – it was time for the Eucharist.

I flashed back on going to Midnight Mass with a friend and her family one Christmas Eve when I was in high school. My father told me that whatever I did, not to take communion. That it would be disrespectful and blasphemous. I never even considered partaking.

I turned to my beau and whispered this story. He then pointed to the booklet in my hand. Here at House for All Sinners and Saints, it said in black and white, everyone without exception is invited to receive the bread and wine at communion.  Everyone. And so with that, and an elbow nudge, I jumped up and into line and dropped into the full experience and what it meant to me. I noticed feeling connected to something larger than myself, not only a divine source necessarily, but rather actual communion with this community.

So much so, that we even stayed for the potluck!

One of the lovely and welcoming women I met during the potluck told me that writer Anne Lamott said that there were two types of Jews: “Moses-y Jews” and “bagel-y Jews” – and she wanted to know which one I am. Well, since my relationship to my faith beyond my Bat Mitzvah, has been comprised of being with my family every Passover, a few darts in and out of Synagogues here and there (mostly there), and lectures or workshops with Jewish Renewal Rabbis, I concluded that I am definitely of the “bagel-y” persuasion.

Which is precisely what drew me to the brilliant Nadia Bolz-Weber. She speaks to me. She makes sense to me. Her sermons – totally reverent yet also completely current and relatable – remind me of what I dig about Jewish Renewal. It’s all about making the ancient relevant to modern day.

When it was my turn, I put my hands out and received…I didn’t know what to say or do so I defaulted to the good manners my mother instilled and just smiled and said “Thank you.”

I met Nadia after the service and let her know – and yes, to my mortification, a little fangirl-y – how I’d found her (and only an hour away from home, no less – what are the chances?!) and that she had the great honor of giving me my first communion. To which she replied, “You’re not my first Jew!” And we exchanged reciprocal gratitude.

So this week, as we in the States celebrate Thanksgiving, I draw on my experience at House for All Sinners and Saints to remind me once again how much I can grow and learn when I reach outside of my comfort zone and do something different. And how grateful I am for varied opportunities to connect with others around what resonates most.

I’d love to hear from you…what will you commit to do, in the name of connection, beyond your comfort zone?


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Celebrating Softness as Strength

Last weekend, zipping about as I was producing and emceeing Hay House’s I Can Do It Pasadena conference, I kept hearing the same thing from several people – good friends and long-standing attendees alike: “You’re so soft now.”

Me? Soft? {Audible Gasp}

My gut response was fear that something in my foundation must be way off track. That I had lost my hyper over-achieving sense of responsibility, my edge. And worse yet, what if I could never get it back!

Then, as each one went on to comment about my calmness, my fullness, my groundedness, my beaming beauty and joy – and even my looking 10 years younger! – it took me a moment, but I ultimately realized they all meant it as a compliment.

The perfectionistic, high-functioning enneagram type 3 in me has only ever known that efficiency is found in cracking the whip of rigidity and restriction. Happiness and fun were irrelevant, all that mattered was everything being perfect and punctual.

But in the past year – and especially the last few months – everything has changed. I have embraced laughter and love. I have done the unthinkable, the impossible. I know this to be true.

And – unbeknownst to me until now – this is even perceptible to an observer’s naked eye.

This accessibility to my underbelly, this transparency, this softness has been hard won – borne out of finally trusting my heart and following it, instead of my fear; saying “no” instead of my knee-jerk reaction of “yes”; honestly owning what i want to do and letting go of that which no longer serves me; feeling the FOMO (“fear of missing out”) and still saying “no” anyway; believing that i can be as efficient – or more so – leading with grace and love; sharing my truth freely and allowing others to really see and feel me.

The voices of fear still taunt, but I have learned how to keep them at bay by overriding with love, trusting that I will never abandon myself again.

Please share what you do to stay soft and real, keeping fear from seducing you…I’d love to hear!


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The Shadow + Money

Hi – Happy Monday!

I want to share a couple of phenomenal experiences and resources with you that changed my life – for real! – and also have the power to change yours!

On February 25, 2010 – my 45th birthday – I flew into the arms of Debbie Ford, best-selling author of several books including The Dark Side of the Light Chasers and creator of The Shadow Effect movie, for her renowned immersive weekend, The Shadow Process. We had worked together and been friends for years, so when I revealed to her that I had just separated from my then husband and was paralyzed by fear, she immediately insisted on me being at the workshop as a participant, not producer.

It became crystal clear to me that I am the Event Director at Hay House for a reason. For over a decade had been traveling around the world with – and had become quite close to – the greatest minds and teachers and authors in the self-empowerment, inspirational, motivational movement – absorbing the teachings by osmosis – they really wouldn’t be able to land in me until I was able to open myself up fully and be really willing to reveal myself and ask for help from the people who I had always been there to serve.

Julie – Debbie’s then assistant and now COO of The Ford Institute (who I’ve since nicknamed St. Julie) – picked me up at the airport on that sunny San Diego afternoon and then we met Debbie for lunch. Later that night, after a birthday dinner – complete with cake, candles and a wish – standing on the steps in Debbie’s living room, I uttered the word divorce for the first time, as it related to me.

For the next three days an intimate group of us journeyed into our inner recesses and resources through The Shadow Process. The real turning point came when I realized it was not about fixing him or saving the marriage, but only about getting real with myself and my healing.

And even though it was really one of the most terrifying experiences for me – to peel back the layers of my fear and expose my truth and vulnerability, because I had so much invested in this identity, in my perfectionism, in being the one, getting the gold star, so much invested in believing I would find internal value externally – I can honestly say that The Shadow Process was the key that catalyzed me into finding the strength and courage to make a dramatic change in my life.

I realize now that if I was able to leave my marriage, and not only survive but truly thrive on the other side of my greatest fear, that I can do anything. Living through what I couldn’t possibly imagine ever getting past, I know that I have what it takes to traverse any fear.

Since my Shadow Process, I have produced two more of these transformative weekends, and next month I will certified as an Integrative Coach, having completed the rigorous year-long Breakthrough Shadow Coaching Training Program.

The beauty of what Debbie left behind is the transmission that transformation is an inside job…your life will change even if she isn’t the one guiding you through the process. So even though Debbie has left this planet her work continues on, being breathed into life by The Ford Institute and those of us committed to carrying her legacy forward.

There’s still time to register for The Shadow Process in Miami later this month – September 20-22, 2013 – and The Ford Institute is extending a special $200 discount to all of you! Register here with the Coupon Code SPECIALOFFER to honor your soul’s call to clear away obstacles, make peace with any lingering unfinished business, and clarify the vision you are meant to realize in your magnificent life.


One of the biggest areas of shadow for many of us is around our money which is why I’m so thrilled to be part of my dear friend Kate Northrup’s Money Love Stories project as part of the launch of her new book, Money: A Love Story. I received an advance copy of this book and devoured it straight away! Kate interviewed me about MY money love story and I have to say, it was pretty juicy and eye opening! You can watch it here.

The idea is this: Money is a taboo topic and it’s a source of shame and fear for many. In order to heal our collective discomfort and avoidance around it, we’ve got to talk about it and bring it into the light. Telling our own stories and being an example of working toward having a loving relationship with our money is a damn good way to do that.

The book takes a fun, understanding, and – most of all – proven approach to creating true financial freedom. You won’t find any shame, blame, or finger wagging here. Just tons of relatable moments and simple, step-by-step guidance to living out your own money love story.

Whether you want to pay off your debt for good, rake in more income, or forge a lifestyle of true freedom, Money: A Love Story is your road map. True abundance, financial clarity, and a loving relationship with your money (and yourself) are all yours for the having. This book will take your hand and show you exactly how to get there. When you order your copy of Money: A Love Story you’ll get access to A Course in Having Enough, a live online event Kate is teaching with Marianne Williamson, Barbara Stanny, and Amanda Steinberg. For details and to order go to

Remember, it’s only by unconcealing what we most fear revealing that we will ever be free!

P.S. Be sure to set your DVR to catch Kate on The Today Show tomorrow morning, Tuesday, September 10th, at 9:33 am ET!

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And then…I flipped off the Father of Motivation

It was 2am on November 17, 2007…and I was determined.

I was producing two events with Wayne Dyer back-to-back over the course of a weekend. He spoke in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, and then the whole crew of us flew to Detroit where he was to speak again on Sunday afternoon. By 10pm, we were all settled into our hotel rooms in Detroit. Then my phone rang. It was Wayne, and he was in a panic. It was his briefcase, he told me. He couldn’t find it, and he was sure he’d left it somewhere en route from Atlanta. Everything was in that briefcase, he told me. Notes and books for his lecture, notes for the next book he was writing, money, and more. He couldn’t even think about getting on stage the next day without it.

At that point in my life, I was still chasing all the gold stars. Still seeking all my validation externally, which I received primarily through my work as the Event Director at Hay House, which is where I received the most love and accolades. I aimed for perfection, and generally achieved it. This situation was no different.

I was going to figure out where that briefcase was if it killed me.

I thought back. Wayne only used his briefcase at the actual events. We’d literally left the stage in Atlanta and gotten into a van en route to the airport, so he’d had his briefcase then. I had a hunch it was still in that vehicle. I called the car company and was told that the van wouldn’t be back to the lot for another hour.

No problem, I told them. I’d wait and call back.

I called an hour later the van was back, but the news wasn’t good. The dispatcher told me he’d checked and the briefcase wasn’t there. I begged him to go back out and look again. It was dark out, I figured; maybe he’d just missed it. I sat on hold, praying it was hiding under a seat. Lo and behold, I was right! The dispatcher came back and told me he had the briefcase in hand.

It was now close to midnight. Wayne called me again, and I told him I’d located the briefcase and was working on getting it to Detroit. I told him he should go to bed and not worry. He was relieved and appreciative, but still anxious—he didn’t know how he was going to get on stage without his notes and books.

I asked the car company if they would put an employee on a plane first thing in the morning to deliver the briefcase. No suck luck; traveling with someone else’s bag had become illegal after 9/11. I called FedEx, UPS, DHL and every other carrier I could find in the phone book, but it was a weekend everyone was off the clock. I called airlines to ask about freight and cargo shipments; once again it was a no-go because it was Saturday night. I called my travel agent, Andrea, who was on California time. But even putting our heads together we couldn’t come up with a solution to get the briefcase from Atlanta to Detroit by 2pm when Wayne was supposed to walk on stage.

I had a reputation for achieving the impossible. I had set my own bar so high that even though it was the wee hours of the morning and I could see no resolution, failure was still not an option.

I had left messages for some seemingly back-alley messenger services, and tried to watch TV until they called back. But at a certain point I just couldn’t sit there doing nothing any longer. At 4am I got dressed, walked downstairs, and asked the bellman to get me a taxi.

In the back seat, on my laptop, I bought a round round-trip ticket to Atlanta. I sent emails to my staff with instructions for setting up at the venue and getting it all going with without me. We were expecting 2,000 people and I wouldn’t get there until about 30 minutes before showtime, but I couldn’t care.

Based on my experiences that day, I do believe that Detroit and Atlanta are the biggest airports in the whole world. I had to go through security, get to my departure gate in Detroit, fly, go out to Baggage Claim in Atlanta where a guy from the car company was waiting for me, retrieve the briefcase, go back through security—where they questioned and groped me because I had only just arrived in Atlanta minutes before and was only traveling with a briefcase—get to my departure gate, fly again, get out of the Detroit airport, get into a taxi and get to the event venue.

Sitting in my seat, on the runway on my way back to Detroit, I called Wayne.

“Hi. I’ve got your briefcase.”

“Where are you?”

“That’s not important.”

“You’re not in Detroit, are you?”

“You’ll have your briefcase before you go on stage.”

“Nancy, did you do something crazy?’

“Wayne, just go to your Bikram Yoga class and I’ll see you soon.”

We have a little ritual when I introduce Wayne on stage. The last thing I say is, “I know he needs no introduction, but please welcome to the stage one of my most favorite men in the world—Wayne Dyer.” He comes on, the crowd goes wild, he gives me a hug, and I whisper “Have fun!” in his ear. But that day he held onto me so I couldn’t walk offstage. He turned and told the audience the whole story. How I had gone above and beyond the call of duty, stayed up all night, flown to Atlanta and back to retrieve the briefcase he left there. He explained that there was nothing I wouldn’t do, at any cost, to make whatever needed to happen happen. He even shared what had happened a few minutes earlier, when I had returned the briefcase to him.

I had gotten to the venue just a few minutes before Wayne’s car pulled up. As he stepped out of the car, with throngs of fans surrounding us, I smiled and extended my arm with briefcase in hand. Jokingly, he put up his hand as if to dismiss the offer. “Oh, I don’t need that!” he said.

And then, without missing a beat, in front of all those people, I flipped off the father of motivation.

And now, 6 years later, I have reconciled with resolving internally what I had been seeking externally. I am beginning to believe that I am loved for who I am, not for what I do. And I have finally stopped chasing all the gold stars since I know that no amount will ever be enough. While, most importantly during this process, I have discovered that I am.

I’d love to hear from you…please share your story of chasing the gold stars and/or knowing that you are enough…


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Wow! What a journey it’s been: facing my greatest fears, embracing change, saying “yes” to unforeseen opportunities, running around revealing myself and finding resonance in ways I never thought possible. I’m honestly overflowing with gratitude for all your support along the way.

So now, here’s the real deal…I WANT TO KNOW YOU. I invite you to share yourself here.

I want to know about your challenges and your triumphs, your heartaches and your happiness, your anguish and your bliss.

I want to know what you never in a million years thought you could do, and now that you’re on the other side of it you can’t possibly even imagine still being where you were, not having done it.

I want to know about your relationship to safety, risk, uncertainty, security and courage.

I want to know about what you’ve accomplished by feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

*Please share your story with me (in 500 words or less) about a major change – divorce, career shift, geographical move, weight loss, etc. – that was difficult to make, and the new life you’ve found on the other side…you just might find yourself in my new book!*

Send an email to or post on facebook. I will notify you by the end of September regarding inclusion, and the Top 5 submissions will receive a free copy of the e-book once it’s released in February 2014.

I’m excited to hear from you and look forward to the conversation!

P.S. Please sign up for my newsletter at to receive weekly newsletters directly in your inbox

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Kate Rides Again!


My sister Kate has long been my inspiration for going with the flow, rolling with the punches, and shouting out “whoo hoo” all along the way. And 7 years ago, when she was was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, was no different. Not only did she accept it from the get go, she took the matter into her own hands and made it her mission to raise money in support of stopping MS in its tracks, restoring lost function, and ultimately ending MS forever. Fortunately she feels great in body and spirit, and once again will use her good health and energy next month – for the 6th year in a row – to ride 150+ miles in the 30th Annual Bike MS: Waves to Wine, September 21-22, 2013And I get to go spend that weekend in SF with her awesome kids so that her sweet husband can cheer her on along the way! :)

Kate’s courage and sunny disposition are constant reminders to me that only by facing and embracing everything on our journey will we find the true path to wholeness and freedom.

I’d love to hear who in your life inspires and encourages you to remember what’s most important in the precious time that we’re here on the planet together…

And of course, if you’d like to join me in supporting Kate on her ride to erase MS, you can do so right here ♥



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What Are You Most Committed To

I have an important decision to make in the next couple of days.

In weighing my options, I’m feeling directly into what I want, and contemplating these questions regarding the different directions presented to me:
What’s the value?
What’s the cost?
What sensations are arising in my body? (around what I want and the decision itself)
What’s it worth to me?
Who has the knowledge, information, scope that can fill my blind spot? Who can I ask for help in the form of a reality check?
What do I really want and will this choice get me there?

Ultimately, I do believe I we are master manifestors, always getting exactly what we’re most committed to. The problem is that it’s often underwraps, especially from ourselves. So we think we’re after something in particular, but we’re actually devoted to something else that has been trumping it. Kinda like our own self-sabotaging deal with the devil.

So, time to ask myself: What am I most committed to and what do I desire most…and then make supportive choices out of love, not fear.

Do you know what you are most committed to? Do you listen to the voice of your desire? Do you know how sensation serves you? Do you lead with love?

I want to hear from you…


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