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Work Hard Play Hard

Work Hard Play HardGrowing up, I never had much appreciation or reverence for play. In fact, I used to think that happiness and fun were for other people. I found play a waste of time, and believed that people who engaged in it were lazy or not on a serious path. I have since learned that play is not at all frivolous – it’s actually vital and healing. Especially when I work hard and play hard, choosing to balance workaholism and diligence with loving life and laughing.

Everything that needs to get done will get done. It always does. Always. Time and time again I have proven this to myself, yet it’s taken me years to really believe it. So much energy I’ve wasted in stress, procrastination and worry by trying to force myself to do this or that. Endlessly punishing myself by not allowing any fun in until I had produced. Or worse finding myself in the midst of adventures and activities, doing fun things yet not having any of the fun myself.

And then I discovered there was more to life than working all the time. {gasp}

Now I do what nourishes my soul first, knowing that I’ll be much more creative and efficient once I’ve gotten my blood flowing by hiking, running, riding my bike, skiing, etc. Productivity feeds off of play. How can you make your play work for you today?

Uncover What Keeps You Joylessly Holding Onto the Past

Last Friday I had a surprise overnight getaway with my man. On Saturday morning I woke naturally, as usual – anywhere between 5am and 6am is fair game for me – but unexpectedly, there was no possible way I could get out of bed. I was bone tired, and instead of poking, prodding and guilting myself with shoulds, I settled back in and allowed sleep to take me. Two hours later, completely rested and refreshed, I was ready to greet the day of adventure awaiting.

uncover what keeps you joylessly holding onto the pastI’ve always been a “morning person” and absolutely love the early moments I get to myself, before time starts gunning for a marathon finish. I’ve also spent most of my life as a highly responsible over-achiever, viewing any lingering in bed as lazy and irresponsible. Thankfully, through all the shadow work I’ve immersed myself in, I’ve since learned to embrace, own and integrate those disowned parts of myself. I now listen to my body – respecting and responding to its real-time rhythms instead of holding it to some sterile standard the way I used to.

Allowing myself to sleep when I need to, and move my body how and when it wants to, honors my alive desire instead of defaulting to auto-pilot by operating on old outdated rules that no longer serve me.

I used to equate fun and play with being lazy and irresponsible. No more. I’m repeatedly reminded that everything needing to get done will get done. It always does. Especially when I work hard and play hard. No more wasting precious time with worry and self-punishment when I could be out loving life and laughing.

The time for joy is now!

If you want the same catalytic experience that first propelled me into this life I truly love, if you want to uncover the shadows that keep you joylessly holding onto the past, and own the parts of yourself that continue to rob you of love, intimacy and success, if you want to move beyond your fears into freedom and power, The Shadow Process is for you!  December 5-7, take a weekend away from your current life to build the foundation for the life you want to live into. You will reclaim the self-confidence and self-esteem to love and be loved like never before.

Give yourself the gift of your own undivided attention. It’s time to make peace with your past, by being guided to explore and heal the issues that keep you from experiencing the brilliance of and peace of your authentic self.

What are you waiting for? The first step to the life you want is just one click away.

We Can Change Our Experience by Changing How We Think

This could be a blog about what a hell of a weekend I’ve had. Day after day filled with frustration, anxiety, worry and beating myself up.

But thankfully it’s not, due to a powerful internal shift that I wasn’t aware of until I actually needed to be.

I’m not going to go into the long drawn out story of calls and chats with Apple support, followed by visits Genius Bar. I will spare you the part about one tech having me do some “troubleshooting steps” that actually resulted in my computer being more screwed up than when I began. This ultimately had me go to the Genius Bar empty-handed due to being in the midst of an epic 60+ hour “Erase and Restore from Time Capsule” that had my devices otherwise engaged. And I’m definitely not going to tell you that even when I asked said Genius for a another appointment –– one that was sooner than the next available online in 48 hours later –– with a straight-up outright request for the appointment they must be saving for Obama should he be in the area with an immediate mac-mergency, the Genius said, “I’m sorry but no, we’re not holding anything for him.”

I didn’t actually believe him and don’t like to take “No” for an answer, but he was sweet and helpful and I trusted his advice since it’s what he said he’d do in my situation. Maybe they always say that, but I found a bit of solace in it. I mean really, at that point, what was I to do given that my laptop –– with the contents of my entire life on it, basically –– had been deleted and was now receiving a data transfusion (I hope!) from my time capsule backup.

As I left the store I got an instant hit that I really did have a choice about what thoughts to think which would, in turn, affect how I was feeling.

In that moment I chose to envision my computer completely healed, all data in tact. I decided that I wasn’t going to spend the rest of the day or weekend feeling frustrated or beating myself up for doing this or not doing that since I have come to learn and accept that I am always doing the very best I can at any given time.Internal Shift Nancy Levin

I made up my mind to be kind to myself, remembering how futile it is to stress out about any impending outcome. Que sera, sera…whatever will be, will be…and my worrying certainly won’t help matters. But my positive thoughts can. Or at least they can support me in having a fun weekend filled with love, hikes, meaningful connections and conversations, yummy meals, and even some writing after I dug out and dusted off my old MacPowerBook from 1902.

My system flooded with joy and relief, knowing that I no longer need to choose my old default habit of stewing in a negative funk. Instead, by accepting what is and surrendering, positivity and peace are just one thought away.

Thankfully, after a few stops and starts, I’m happy to report that the restore worked! My computer is fully up and running in all its glory – with all of my data!

Lesson learned! I’m so grateful I didn’t waste a weekend – or even part of day – and that I really get, on a visceral level, how empowered we all are to create our own experiences by consciously choosing which thoughts to think in each moment.

What can you change today, just by choosing a different thought?

Being Available to Love

Being Available to LoveAfter speaking at I Can Do It! Pasadena over the weekend –– which was really wonderful, loved getting to meet some of you! –– I headed up to San Francisco for a couple of days with my sister and her family.

On Tuesday, as my sister and I were preparing to run some errands and go out to lunch, she asked me what calls and work I had to do so that she could plan around my schedule. “None,” I told her, “I cleared the deck for a day with you!” Her astonishment was palpable as she let me know that she couldn’t even remember a time I had come to visit without having a million other things going on. We proceeded to make the most of our precious few hours of uninterrupted time together, before the chaos of kids and the World Series ensued. In fact I didn’t even look at my phone, in service of being as present and connected to her as possible. And she actually forgot hers at home!

In the past two months since I left my Hay House “day job,” I have continued the conscious unraveling of my old belief that my worth is dependent upon my productivity.

The old me was so caught up in the doing that even a short stretch of not doing was intensely anxiety provoking.

Now, I value time in a way I haven’t ever before –– it’s truly the most sacred commodity, one to deeply cherish since no one has yet discovered a way to create more of it.

And, as I release the need to constantly produce, I’ve naturally become more available for deep connection with myself and with those whom I love.

What can you release today in service of being present and available to love?


we may never know
how we hold
all we can
or how the light catches us
when we are out of breath

it’s a sign of healing
to be feeling again

the real breakthrough
can only arise
from heartbreak

that which ails
reminding us
that it’s always about beginning
and then beginning again

as the waves crash me
i trust the sand
to polish my edges smooth
dissolving denial
revealing real
while courage and confidence
ignite my core

contraction and expansion
let the light stream in
and the stillness
after so much thrashing about
allows the body to wring
the sorrow out

as freedom floods
shadows may persist
know your undertow
as you alchemize the dark
and remember
that you always have
the strength to choose
how to engage

the clouds unveil the view
when you are ready to climb
now it’s time to notice
the miraculous moments
in your life
as they are happening
is the making
of me
and we will walk
into daybreak
from the night
shining our light

… from Jump … And Your Life Will Appear

Knowing this: that which ails, cures…
Knowing that it’s always about beginning and then beginning again…

Would you like to learn about jumping into your truth while having support you need and crave?

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Following Your Heart: Allowing the Flow of Possibility

On Saturday I took a risk.

Historically, I’ve been really good at restrictive, righteous self-control and less good at following my heart.

But over the past few years along my journey to finding my own truth, my own voice and my own power, I’ve learned that when we stay inside the lines too rigidly, we stop the flow of allowing. Sometimes we need to burst the dam and let the pent up energy move so that new possibilities and options can emerge where before there was only stagnant, lifeless water.

The next day, I watched Elizabeth Gilbert with Oprah on Super Soul Sunday as she echoed the deep knowing of my soul. She spoke of “the quest” originating out of our questions. She spoke of “the call” – and how even when we reject the call, it won’t leave us alone. We have a choice to answer the call or refuse the call, and how answering the call ultimately makes for a better story. They mapped out Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey – it all begins with the call: “What have I come here to do with my life?”

Risk Taking, Saying YesTears streamed down my cheeks as Elizabeth Gilbert said: “For some reason, and this just boggles my imagination, there are still just huge swats of women who never got the memo that their lives belong to them. And there’s this instinct that they have that they need a permission slip from the principal’s office for anything. You are allowed to ask yourself some really important questions about your life. You are allowed to take accountability and ownership for your own journey. You’re allowed to ask what serves you sometimes, because I know you’ve been trained up to serve everyone. But you’re allowed to turn that on yourself and honor your own life that you were given.”

It took me years to stop thinking I needed that permission slip. Years to know that my life was my own and that I didn’t owe it to anyone. Years to know that the answer to freedom is self-love, self-acceptance and self-forgiveness.

I want to save you some time!

I know I have come into this lifetime to:

  • Help others get free from believing the only way to be loved is by buying it, bending over backwards with people-pleasing – when in fact we are loved for simply being ourselves
  • Teach others that permission is an inside job – nothing external will ever provide you with what you’re seeking on the inside
  • Support others in living their own lives–often for the very first time–no longer in response or reaction to anyone or anything else, but rather from their own inspiration, motivation and agency
  • Model for others that every choice matters (as my dear friend and mentor Debbie Ford would say) – our present moment choices can actually predict our future, every choice we make today is either in service of the live we desire living into, or sabotaging it
  • Guide others through the empowering processes of inquiry, revealing, owning, sharing – your greatest gift is the power to give voice to your truth and when you do there is no wrong way to live your life!

On Saturday I took a risk and followed my heart. It’s your turn now, to follow yours.

Answer “the call” by hopping on a free call with me – get that memo and give yourself the permission you need, let me lead you to launching yourself into the life of your desire. It would be my great honor to serve you by doing the very thing I have arrived in this lifetime to do.

How Do You Like Your Eggs?

Do you actually know how you like your eggs?Runaway Bride Jump! Coaching

Not they way you usually eat them, or the way that’s the least hassle to have them. I mean if no one else was around and you could have your eggs any way you desire, do you know what you’d choose?

As part of my research for an article I’m writing, I’ve been watching an inordinate amount of movies this summer. Most specifically, romantic comedies – in excess ;)

But it seems I’d left a doozy off my list that I was gratefully reminded of last weekend.

After hearing my Keynote at I Can Do It! New York, a woman came up to me and asked me about my Jump! Coaching groups.

I said, “I support people in living life on their own terms, no longer in reaction or response to anyone or anything else, so they can finally access and act on their own truth and desires.” I went on to say that for many of my clients, coaching with me is often the very first time they’ve even considered and explored what they want and like, on their own, not in relation to anyone else.

And she said, “Oh! You help people discover how they like their eggs!”

I must have given her a perplexed look, so she went on to say that that what I shared made her think of the egg scene in Runaway Bride. I hadn’t seen that movie since it came out well over a decade ago, and I didn’t remember the egg scene.

So I watched the movie again the night I got home from NYC.

Quick synopsis: Maggie (Julia Roberts) serially bolts from marriage several times before bride can become wife. Enter Ike (Richard Gere) to call her out on all her shit before, of course, falling head over heels in love with her. And she with him, of course. And the movie ends with their fully actualized wedding, of course.

Along the way, there is the issue of the eggs. Ike’s a reporter and as he interviews each of Maggie’s men, they clearly state that the way she liked her eggs was exactly the same as they did. First guy scrambled, next guy  fried, then poached.

When Ike presses Maggie, the truth gets revealed that in fact, if left to her own devices, she has absolutely no idea how she likes her eggs.

Maggie proceeds to prepare eggs for herself in every way imaginable, tasting each one to figure out for herself how she likes her eggs, no longer in relation to anyone else! And the verdict: Benedict!

As goofy as it sounds, I’m so glad that woman referenced this movie on our conversation. It really is a brilliant illustration of how so many of us go through life – by living someone else’s.

So I ask you, metaphorically of course, do you know how you like your eggs?

If you need support in giving yourself permission to finally live your own life – instead of somebody else’s – my Jump! Coaching group is here to help.

Join me and jump into the life of your dreams – if I did it, so can you!

Let Go and You’ll Feel No Mo’ FOMO

This past Saturday morning I did the unthinkable.

It was 9:30 am and Wayne Dyer was taking the stage at the Javits Center for his opening keynote at I Can Do It! New York. Just down the street, at the Ink 48 Hotel, I was enjoying a delectable omelette freshly delivered by room service, still ensconced in the fabulous zebra-striped robe that had been waiting for me upon arrival.robe

For the first time in 12 years – the entire history of Hay House’s I Can Do It conferences on this continent – I wasn’t producing and emceeing the event, I wasn’t introducing Wayne. I was no longer the one everybody turned to. I had, in fact, turned that responsibility and privilege over.

I was no longer the one and only one. I was no longer needed. And that was a good thing…though utterly unimaginable until that moment since I had spent most of my life buying love by bending over backward and banking self-worth by ensuring my indispensability and irreplaceability.

So in that moment what surprised me most is that instead of feeling FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) I felt liberated!

I thought to myself: So this is what happens when we make a conscious choice to change on our own terms, in our own time. This is what happens when we rock our own foundation before it rocks us. This is what happens when we take life into our own hands, knowing that every choice we make today has the power to propel us into the future we most desire. This is what happens when we are in alignment and integrity with our truth. This is freedom.

I got it right away.

When I took that same stage later in the afternoon for my keynote, I immediately felt free to let go of any fear, insecurity, doubt that had been holding me back and I jumped in to claim the present moment in service of my future–so that I can ultimately be of more service to you.

Isn’t it time to release the old identities, labels, costumes that you’ve been clinging to and make room for the new?

Isn’t it time to jump?

Sacred Reminders: The Secret Weapon of Love

In July, I spent four days in Santa Fe marinating with five other magnificent women in the magical Gail Larsen’s Transformational Speaking immersion.

From morning til night we dug deep together, excavating our own interior landscape which led to unearthing our core message and original medicine. We experimented and explored new ways of delivering our singular stories – signature, and never before told – from our Home Zone™ instead of our comfort zone.

The experience was truly transformative for me on many levels, as a speaker of course, but perhaps most profoundly as an opportunity to claim my own light in a safe, supportive collaborative community of loving, dynamic, powerhouse, passionate, zillion-watt women. And truly feel welcomed as one of them.

Following our final session and private lunch on the last day, DJ Gail proceeded to play “theme songs” she had picked out for us. Honoring us one by one, she also had us write love letters to each woman as her song was playing. I was overcome with emotion as I got to shower these divine darlings with love.

We finally parted, after the tears and hugging were complete, each of us taking our love notes with us.

I heard a quiet voice inside me say, “Don’t read these now. Let’s save them for when we really need them.”

The next day I drove back to Boulder and when I got home I tucked them away safely to wait for the right time, and in the eight weeks that have passed there was only one day I thought about reading them.

Until today. I Can Do It! 2014 New York

I’ve been preparing for my first talk since the immersion – a keynote next weekend at I Can Do It! New York. Also my first Hay House event as “just” an author and speaker.

After working on my talk this morning for a few hours, I headed out on gorgeous sunny, summery 8-mile hike. As I was almost home I heard that same quiet voice say, “Today. Let’s read the love letters today.”

I found myself transported back in time to the sound of my theme song playing as I fully breathed in and received the heart transmissions from my beauties.

The timing was perfect. I’m glad I waited and savored them. And now I’m grateful that I can read them whenever I want, as often as I choose.

It got me thinking. Who else in my life do I want to write a love letter to? Who do I want to gift with a secret weapon of love and light, reflecting their infinite luminosity and fabulosity right back at them, to be wielded whenever they need to be reminded?

Who in your life do you want to write a love letter to?

I’m writing mine. Are you writing yours?

My Trancen–Dental Experience

For as long as I can remember, the tooth just off to the right of my two front teeth has been dark and discolored. In every photo of myself (that’s not magically retouched) it’s always been the very first thing I see if I’ve somehow forgotten to smile with my mouth closed. I’ve received plenty of commentary from others over the years–ranging from “the imperfection of it makes you more human, more beautiful” to “you’re too beautiful to have an ugly tooth.” And of course my dentist had urged me to let her make me color-matched composite crown. The truth is that while I was self-conscious about it, I’d basically just gotten used to it and couldn’t be bothered to be so vain to do anything about it.

Until now. Transcen-Dental Experience: Lasting Change

In July I’d made a commitment to myself to get some outstanding necessary dental work done before the end of August. So, as long as I was at it, I decided to go for that crown. At first I was totally turned off by how labor-intensive the process was for a low-maintenance girl like me. But just a few weeks and several appointments later I walked out of there with a brand new smile that I couldn’t have possibly imagined the impact of.

This summer I’ve spent a lot of time out on the trails by my home in Boulder. I’m someone who says “Hi!” to everyone I see while I’m hiking or running. Until I had my new tooth, I hadn’t even consciously realized that I’d long adapted to a default move immediately after smiling–close my lips as quickly as possible to hide that tooth! But now, I find myself looking for opportunities to flash my wide toothy grin and let it stay out in the open.

Fixing my tooth was a transcen-dental lesson in self-care, self-love, self-esteem and liberation!

I refuse to waste a moment beating myself up for not doing this any sooner, instead I’m looking at the other things in my life that I’ve tolerated out of fear or laziness or lack of believing the change would actually be worth it, or that I’m worth it!

I wonder if there’s something you’ve been putting off that would make you feel better about yourself. It’s time now to stop hiding and take action!

Tell me, what’s the one change you’re ready to make? I want to know and would love for you to join the conversation with me on Facebook!


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