jump and your life will appear

Click and Your Coach Will AppearJump … And Your Life Will Appear

What do you do when the life you’re living no longer fits on the foundation where it’s settled? How do you access the strength to make a dramatic shift that will rock your whole world? When you’ve had enough, how do you get to what’s next?

Join Nancy Levin, bestselling author and integrative life coach, for an experiential exploration that will lead to implementation. No matter what major change you want to make, Nancy’s step-by-step process – incorporating coaching, self-inquiry and journaling – will prepare and propel you to take action. It’s time to face and embrace your fears, create the courage necessary to take the leap toward self-love, and reap the rewards of the unforseen gifts and opportunities that await you upon landing.

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“It was an honor to be a first hand witness to Nancy on her journey through telling the truth, letting go of the past, and making transformational changes in her world.  Take her advice and you too can create a whole new life for yourself.”

~ Louise Hay  New York Times bestselling author of You Can Heal Your Life

Writing For My Life, Nancy’s first book, can be found on her book page.